Heroes of Greyhawk

Graduation Day

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New Years Day CY 595

Weather: Cold
Low Temp: 1
High Temp: 30
Winds: Still

The day begins with the graduation ceremonies at the Academy of Higher Learning. After the 40 graduates are recognized for their acheivements a small group heads to the Field of Honor to compete in the Exhibition of Enlightenment.

Our adventurers compete in 10 events in the first annual Exhibition of Enlightenment. The Champion, Gnarkill won the competition with 36 total points with Omega and Abominod both placing in second with 30 points.

All participants were awarded 200 gp from the competition sponsors. Winners of the individual events were awarded 100 xp and 100 gp per event and Gnarkill was also awarded an additional 250 gp and a magic rapier +1.

The adventurers head to the Heroes Rest Inn for a celebration hosted by the sponsors. Once there they encounter representatives from the Military, Merchant Guilds, Grand Temple of Pelor, Baroness of Kalinstran and Thane Everbright a former noble. They discuss their many options and decide to help support Thane’s request to aid in exploring the surrounding area of the resettlement of Tusham. The party will set out for the settlement tomorrow and begin exploring the surrounding areas.

Winners of the individual events are listed below:

Obstacle Course:Omega and Charlesface
Identification:Omega and Charlesface
Mage’s Maze:Omega
Repair the Warforged:Abominod
Defend the flag:Gnarkill



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