Heroes of Greyhawk

Humble Beginnings

Field of honor

The time is New Years Day, Common Year 595 in the City of Chendl. Chendl, the capital of the Kingdom of Furyondy, is alive the Winter’s night with song and spirit, hoping for better days in the coming year. You and 39 others have even more reason to celebrate this evening. Today the group has graduated from the Academy of Higher Learning with a year of scholarship, honing and developing basic skills that ready you for the challenges of these uneasy times.

Some of the class has one last test after graduation known as the Exhibition of Enlightenment. The contestants will compete against each other at the Field of Honor in events challenging their skills today. The overall winner and top performers in each event are awarded wheatsheafs and items from sponsors including the King, nobles, merchants and members of academia.

Later tonight graduates will make their final decisions whether to join the King’s military, become mercenaries, look to assist their religion, practice arcana, start a profession or become an explorer? No matter which paths are taken there will always be a strong bond amongst the class from their teachings and time together at the Academy.



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