Heroes of Greyhawk

The resettlement at Tusham

2nd Needfest, CY 595

Weather: Cold
Low Temp: 3
High Temp: 24
Winds: Still

The morning after the celebration has the party making final arrangements with Thane Everbright. The party negotiates winter gear from Thane to prepare for their journey north. They set out on a 8 day walk through friendly lands, deciding to bypass towns and cities along the way. While the winter has been, snow flurries are seen for the first time this year.

Arriving on the first Sunday of the month of Fireseek they are welcomed by Thane into his home. Thane describes the surrounding areas to the north that goblin and orcs have been seen recently. While the Pact of Greyhawk left this area near the Vesve Forest undefined to a ruler, Thane feels that he and his collegues can bring the destroyed town back to the stature that it once held.

Thane directs the group to Hendrik Blane at the Heroes Rest Inn for lodging arrangements, a hot meal and to resupply their rations. Hendrik, owner of the Inn and Captain of the Tusham Militia, tells stories of goblin and orc attacks which have occurred in the area since the last war. He then explains, that over the past 2 months, better armed advesaries have tested their defenses and more evidence is being found of their growing presence by the Militia Rangers.



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