Capital of the Kingdom of Furyondy

Fairwain Province

Ruler: King Belvor IV

Capital: Chendl

Population: 15,600

Standing Army: 850

The Royal Capital of Furyondy, Chendl, lies within the Fairwain Province. Although Fairwain is very small, measuring only thirty square miles, it is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the Flanaess. Fairwain has been cultivated with exotic flora from all over the continent of Oerik.

The Royal Capital of Chendl is located at the center of Fairwain, and is the true gem of the province. Chendl is a most magnificent city, designed from the ground up with architectural elegance and precision. Chendl is strongly walled and has wide canals, hanging gardens, broad boulevards, elegant sculptures, and ample public parks. Continually flaming lanterns shine brightly along the boulevards and the King’s magnificent magical garden floats some three hundred feet above the Royal Palace. Access to the King’s garden is by two bridges of delicate white arches. These bridges are guarded by some of the King’s own House Regiment officers. Atop the magical garden, at the highest point, is a flagpole that flies the King’s personal standard when he is at his home. The Palace is a majestic building of gold-veined white marble with a central gleaming transparent dome filled with exotic plants and birds. The Palace grounds hold a temple to Pelor, the God of the Sun. The noted bard Diambeth writes, “The City of Greyhawk may claim to be the Gem of the Flanaess, but I name Chendl to be the Diadem.”

Chendl was laid out by master architects and extensively planned. The city was designed to replace Dyvers as the capitol of Old Ferrond. Chendl has no slums, nor any recognizable lower social class housing. Indeed, it can cost a traveler between 15 and 30 Gold Wheatshafts per week to stay here in even modest accommodations. The current population is over 15,000 individuals; any more and the city would likely be crowded. Because of the limited available space, immigration is closely monitored. Anyone wishing to become a citizen of Chendl must prove his or her “verifiable worth” to the city government first. They must have skills or capital to start a business. Anyone who can pay for lodging is welcome as a visitor in the city.

The citizens of Chendl are very law abiding. A well-trained police force patrols the city. Chendl is a place to wine and dine, sniff the scented gardens, see the opera, and gamble at casinos and gaming houses. All casinos are safe to visit and mostly honest. Royal regulations forbid high-stakes gambling in most locations, but there are plenty of outrageously overpriced restaurants and expensive taverns to spend the gold in. Chendl’s social castes are always a concern to the locals. The “old blood” nobility and the Noble Counsel representatives are at the top of the list, Knights and lesser nobles second, skilled artisans and the very richest merchants third, other artisans and merchants next, and everyone else last.

Chendl has a sordid side to it, but not a very large one. The [[Thieve’s Guild]] here is struggling to survive given the vast numbers of militia and other solders. Only the most daring of rogues can make a profit in this city. The commoners and the nobility alike know that outside the city there are “secret” clubs that cater to high rollers, those outside the nobility, and deal in narcotics and houses of ill repute. It is also a known secret that these clubs are run by the [[Thieve’s Guild]], and that their house percentages are considerably higher than legal casinos.

Pelor is the major faith in Chendl, and High Priest Garaeth Heldenster is a major ally of the King. Those outside of the noble class tend to favor Moradin, and that church’s leader, Canon Redankin Desmart, supports the King’s policies. Many other religions have temples located within the city.

Chendl has a garrison strength of 850 men, including some soldiers of Kalinstren and the King’s own personal forces. These troops, of course, can carry any weapons they need throughout the city, though any other heavily armed figures will likely be closely watched. Three trusted military commanders, Generals Gallantren, Bemedior, and Yemanien, stay within the King’s complex and command the troops in Chendl. They are technically subservient to Grand Marshal Derek Strongblade, but he does not spend much time in Chendl and commands little control over them.


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