Exhibition of Enlightenment

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A competition for selected graduates of the Academy of Higher Learning. This competiton is held on New Years Day following the graduation ceremonies. Graduates will compete against each other at the Field of Honor in Chendl. Awards will be presented to those who score highest in each event and the overall champion.

List of Events:

  • Obstacle Course (Acrobatics/Athletics/Endurance/Heal)
  • Evasion (Athletics/Bluff/Endurance/Dungeoneering/Perception/Stealth)
  • Logging (Athletics/Endurance/Nature/Perception)
  • Crafting (Diplomacy/Endurance/History/Insight/Nature/Perception)
  • The Mage’s Maze (Arcana/Dungeoneering/Heal/Perception/Stealth
  • Negotiation (Bluff/Diplomacy/History/Insight/Initimidate/Thievery)
  • Alchemy (Arcana/History/Insight/Nature/Perception)
  • Identification (Arcana/History/Nature/Perception/Religion)
  • Repair the Warforged (Heal/History/Insight/Thievery)
  • Defend the Flag (Acrobatics/Bluff/Intimidate/Perception/Religion/Stealth)

Exhibition of Enlightenment

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