M highfolk

Proper Name: Highfolk, Free Town of; Valley of the Velverdyva (Highvale)

Ruler: The Worthy Sir, Tavin Ersteader, Mayor of Highfolk Town (NG male human Wiz11); and, His
Most Excellent Highness, Kashafen Tamarel of Flameflower, Lord of the High Elves of the Vesve
(CG male elf Wiz14/Ftr4)

Government: Mayor of town elected for life or retirement by popular vote of household leaders; elf communities are governed by hereditary monarchs from noble families

Capital: None

Major Towns: Flameflower (500 high elves), Highfolk (pop. 8,700), Verbeeg Hill (1,200)

Provinces: No strict provincial structure-city claims a patchwork of farm, fishing and forest communities along Velverdyva River valley (the Highvale region); elves of the Vesve have separate holdings

Resources: Gold, rare woods, gems (I), livestock (sheep, goats), vegetables, wild game, timber

Coinage: Solar (gp), great lunar (ep), small lunar (sp), wheat (cp)

Population: 46,000-Elf 79% (high 60%, sylvan 40%), Human 9% (Os), Half-elf 5%, Halfling 3%
(tallfellow), Gnome 2%, Dwarf 1%, Half-orc 1%

Languages: Elven, Common, Sylvan

Alignments: CG*, NG

Allies: Furyondy, Veluna, Verbobonc, Dyvers, Duchy of Ulek, Knights of the High Forest

Enemies: Iuz, independent Vesve nonhumans and monsters


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