Iuz the Evil, The Old One Demigod
Symbol: A human skull with blood-red highlights.
Home Plane: Oerth
Alignment: Chaotic evil Portfolio: Deceit, evil, pain, and oppression
Worshipers: Wicked humans, orcs, goblinoids, and demons
Cleric Alignments: CN, CE, NE Domains: Chaos, Evil, Suffering, and Trickery
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Few beings have a greater capacity for cruelty than the demigod Iuz. Known as the Old One because one of his favored forms is that of a withered human male, this vile deity was originally a cambion, born of a union between the Witch-Queen Iggwilv and the demon prince Graz’zt. Iuz began his reign in 479 CY by conquering a number of lesser fiefs in the north. As the stories of his inhuman cruelty spread, so did his reach, and by 500 CY, he controlled much of the land north of Lake Wyestil. By this time, several cults had begun to spread his depravity far and wide, and he rewarded their cruelty with power and prestige.

But just when it seemed that nothing could stop his ever-expanding empire, Iuz vanished in 505 CY. Imprisoned in the dungeons of Castle Greyhawk by Zagig, who stole his power to fuel his own rise to divinity, Iuz raged in his cell for sixty-five years. When Mordenkainen, Riggby, and Lord Robilar released him and failed to destroy him, his tyranny began anew, culminating in the Greyhawk Wars in 582 CY. For two years, Iuz and his fanatical clergy worked to expand his realm and his faith. By the time the Pact of Greyhawk was signed in 584 CY to officially end the conflict, it was clear that Iuz was among the victors.

The clerics of Iuz are a fanatical lot, always seeking to increase their own power while obeying the whims of the Old One. Within the Empire of Iuz, his clerics hold positions of respect and power, proudly displaying their holy symbols and demanding obedience from the common folk and other lesser creatures. Clerics of Iuz usually dress in gray robes adorned with bones. Most learn to use the greatsword, although weapons that cause tremendous pain—such as whips and flails—are not uncommon. Furthermore, Iuz encourages treachery among his faithful as a means of rooting out the comfort- able and the weak.

Outside the empire’s borders, clerics of Iuz usually hide their faith, dressing as normal travelers so as to not draw unwanted attention. They are not openly welcomed in any civilized land, and they are treated with outright hostility in some places—particularly the northern kingdoms that have been savaged by the Old One’s military campaigns.


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