Pact of Greyhawk

Peace Treaty of the Second Greyhawk War

At the close of 584 CY of all people the Scarlet Brotherhood began spreading word of peace. In Harvester of 584 CY in the Free City of Greyhawk, untouched by the war, came the Day of the Great Signing. Both sides exhausted decide to declare peace after Belvor IV regained much of his losses from Iuz.

Something happened in the Grand Hall where the peace treaty was to be signed. No one knows exactly what happened, but apparenty after a magical battle ensued through Old City two members of the Circle of Eight were dead, unable to be resurrected, their clones destroyed. Otiluke and Tenser. It is said that one of their own, Rary of Ket turned traitor for unkown reasons slaying two of his own. Rary fled with Lord Robilar to the Bright Desert. Why this occured, no one knows for sure.

Despite this The Pact of Greyhawk was signed and that was the ‘official’ end to the Greyhawk Wars. Border skirmishes and the like continued on and areas formed counterstrikes to regain lost lands for several years beyond Harvester of 584 CY.

Pact of Greyhawk

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