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Welcome to this 4e adaptation of the World of Greyhawk. We will be following an expanded 4e ruleset and options that allow Eberron and Forgotten Realms influences within a background Greyhawk environment.

Our story is set in the Western Flaeness within the Kingdom of Furyondy. It is New Years Day Common Year 595, roughly 10 years after the end of the Second Greyhawk War with Iuz.

The Pact of Greyhawk barely holds off a third full out war against Iuz to the North and East. Border skirmishes, crusades and raiding parties keep tension amongst all within the region. The nation has suffered a serious loss of fighting manpower since the end of the war, but it has also gained from an influx of refugees and warriors from other nations. The Shield Landers, of whom some 11,000 were evacuated to Furyondy, are the most important group. Furyondy has lost territory to the north and now has 2 borders to protect. Whyestil Lake presents the largest challenge as the enemies of evil possess naval superiority and have impacted fishing resources needed by the Kingdom. To the east, the Veng River is too dangerous for most merchants to sail, so trade has been adversely affected. However, Furyondy has generally not lost too much of its lands and productive resources through the Pact of Greyhawk. It is down, but certainly not out.

Furyondy is, however, faced with a desperate need to spend far more money than it did before the War. Chendl itself is in a state of needed repair. Several vital northern castles have been lost and building more along a new northern frontier will be time consuming and very expensive. Roads, bridges and buildings in the north still need major repairs from time of war and occupation by the armies of Iuz. There is also a pressing need to hire mercenaries for the defense of the Kingdom and to aid the Highfolk, which is also a drain on finance. The Southern nobles have long grumbled about their taxation load, which, in truth, has never been great. Now they are a little more willing to support the king, but there are strong tensions between the different provinces and Belvor’s impatience with some of his nobles makes more than one fear that the king may try to depose the noble houses and centralize rule of the lands.

Furyondy is still a strong and vital kingdom. While some of its people are still bemoaning their losses in the wars; thisĀ· is no nation of cowards or fainthearts. Rather, Furyondy needs to buy time, to marshal its resources, build new defenses, steel its people and collective will, and whip dissident nobles into line behind a valorous and capable king.

Heroes of Greyhawk

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